Microsoft Launches Copilot as App on Android

Microsoft has launched a new app called Copilot for devices that run on the Android operating system.

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Meta Launches Threads Beta Program for Android Users

Meta launches a beta version of the Threads application for owners of devices running on the Android operating system.

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ChatGPT Now Available In-App on iOS, Android Coming Soon

OpenAI has launched the official version of its AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT on Apple’s App Store. Although it’s currently available on a very limited scale, further global rollout could add more than a billion users to the bot app

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Google Launches First Public Beta of Android 14

After two previews for developers, Google announced the launch of the first of four beta versions of Android 14.

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How to Make Your Android Run Smoothly by Changing Settings 

There are many tricks hidden within Android Settings that can make your phone easier to use, faster, and more secure

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France adds NFC transit: Apple Pay transit support widely expanding in 2024

The expansion of help on Apple gadgets is a pilot in the not-so-distant future, followed by a full rollout starting in 2023

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Reddit introduced new real-time features

The new update is expected to make Reddit more active


What to do if your phone is lost or stolen

Losing a phone seems like a catastrophe, yet 70 million smartphones are lost or stolen each year in the US alone. What should you do if your phone is nowhere to be found?

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WhatsApp will soon stop working on millions of phones

Check out whether your phone is on the list