Finance & Economics

HSBC to Sell Argentina Business

The financial institution HSBC, which is based in the United Kingdom, has agreed to sell its business in Argentina.

Blockchain & Crypto

Crypto Users to Near 1B in 2024: Forecast

Given bullish market trends maintained their dominance in the near future, the number of crypto users could reach between 850 and 950 million in 2024, analysts predict.


Argentinian Regulator Investigates Worldcoin

The Agency for Access to Public Information in Argentina adds to the list of government bodies globally investigating Worldcoin over privacy concerns


Bitfinex Expands Its P2P Platform in South America

Crypto exchange Bitfinex has launched a peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform in Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia

Finance & Economics

Argentina Inflation Reaches All-Time High

The annual inflation rate in Argentina surged more than analysts expected, remaining at the highest level since 1991 and marking a perilous milestone for this Latin American economy Argentina’s state-run INDEC statistics agency said that the inflation rose 108.8% year-on-year in April 2023, the third month in a row since the inflation growth surpassed 100% for […]

Finance & Economics

Brazil and Argentina to Create Common Currency

Brazil and Argentina will soon begin preparations for the creation of a common currency.


Binance & Mastercard introduce crypto-to-fiat payment card

Binance launches a payment card that enables users to convert their crypto holdings into fiat at Mastercard terminals worldwide


Cheapest countries to live in if you are young and broke

Here is the rating of the cheapest and most exciting countries to live in


Top 10 fastest growing banks of 2021

Today, we’ll pay special attention to the banks which had their Tier 1 Capital (which is the core measure of a bank’s financial strength) grown most rapidly this year


Carrefour Argentina to roll out a new shopping app

The company aims to strengthen its position as a provider of home delivery services for food and other products


El camino de la prosperidad 2021: estímulos económicos en Latinoamérica

¿Te gustaría conocer todos los estímulos económicos en Latinoamérica? En este artículo, te mencionaremos todas las acciones económicas de los países más importantes de la región junto a España. ¿Estás listo?


First retailer in Argentina takes up blockchain technology

Carrefour is already using blockchain in countries including France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Brazil and Taiwan

Fintech & Ecommerce

Argentina starts embracing e-payments over cash

The rise in online spending has also benefitted other e-payments methods such as mobile wallets and contactless

Society & Lifestyle

5 apps creadas en América Latina para hacer tu vida más fácil

A partir de la creación de estas aplicaciones, la tecnología móvil ha revolucionado la manera en que se tiene acceso a un servicio, producto o compañía y sin duda la pandemia global que atraviesa el planeta, ha provocado que los dos últimos años, sean las de más tráfico de descargas en la historia. Muchas de […]


Los 5 mejores supermercados minoristas en Argentina

En este artículo, te comentaremos cuales son el top 5 supermercados minoristas en Argentina y todo lo que debes saber sobre ellos


Los 7 mejores bancos en Argentina

En este artículo, te comentaremos la lista de los bancos más relevantes de Argentina y lo que ofrecen cada uno de ellos