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Japan Manages to Avoid Recession

The Japanese economy in the last quarter of 2023 showed a positive result, which exceeded the preliminary forecasts of analysts.


BOJ Сhief Stops Short of Declaring 2% Price Goal Met

Kazuo Ueda, Governor of the Bank of Japan, said that it is currently too early to conclude that the inflation process in this country is on a trajectory of steady approach to the financial regulator’s target of 2%.


BOJ Watchers Shift Hike Forecasts

The number of watchers of the Bank of Japan is increasing, who are changing their forecasts regarding the termination of the policy of negative interest rates.


Bank of Japan Governor Signals Chance of Policy Shift

The governor of the Bank of Japan, Kazuo Ueda, on Monday, December 25, stated that there is currently an increasing likelihood that the financial regulator’s inflation target will be reached, noting the possibility of making adjustments to the policy of the organization he heads.

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Bank of Japan Holds Off From Policy Normalization Moves

The Bank of Japan maintained its moderate stance following the results of its last monetary policy meeting this year, although markets are signaling growing confidence that the financial regulator is gradually approaching the normalization of its activity strategy.

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Bank of Japan Reportedly to Keep World’s Last Negative Interest Rate

The Bank of Japan is expected to maintain the world’s last negative rate on Tuesday, December 19.

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BOJ Reportedly to See Little Need to End Negative Rate in December

Bank of Japan officials do not yet see a reason to decide to cancel the world’s last negative interest rate in December.


Bank of Japan Governor Signals Low Probability of Ending Negative Rate in 2023

The governor of the Bank of Japan, Kazuo Ueda, hinted at an extremely low level of probability that by the end of this year, politicians will have data providing them with a reason sufficient to announce the end of the period of negative interest rates.


Bank of Japan Launches CBDC Pilot

The Bank of Japan decided to launch large-scale testing of the digital yen after two years of research into the prospects of this project.

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Bank of Japan Toughens Monetary Policy

The Bank of Japan tightened its monetary policy, although it characterized its actions differently.


Throwback Thursday: 7 oldest central banks of the world

Some of the central banks have existed for more than 300 years