Barclays Bank Invests £3 Million in Trade Ledger

Barclays Bank has directed investments of 3 million pounds to the development of Trade Ledger.


Barclays Unveils Govt-Funded Support Programme for UK Tech

Barclays Eagle Labs has announced the official launch of a program to support British technology companies.


Barclays Bank to Trim More Branches

Barclays Bank continues to actively implement a policy of abandoning the use of traditional branches.

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Barclays Reveals Contactless Payments Trends

New data from Barclays, which enables nearly half of the UK’s debit and credit card transactions, reveals that a record 91.2% of all eligible card transactions were contactless in 2022

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Barclays Replaces Branches With Banking Pods

Bank Barclays, based in the UK, opts for semi-permanent bank cells, abandoning traditional branches.

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UK Banks Develop Shared Banking Hubs Network

Leading UK banks have formed a separate non-profit company to form a network of banking hubs across the country and provide cash access to local UK communities

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Barclays Raises Investments in Climate Tech Startups to £500 Million

Barclays bank is set to increase its funding of innovative climate tech startups from £175m by 2025, to £500m by 2027, seeing growth opportunities in the sector


SCA facilitated online card fraud decline

Since the mandatory introduction of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in the UK, 73% of retailers have seen online payment card fraud decline: Barclaycard


Lloyds Bank tops Barclays CBDC Hackathon

The Barclays CBDC Hackathon hosted nine teams addressing six key CBDC challenges. Lloyds Bank was awarded for its novel approach to the competition 

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SEC could charge $1 billion over bankers’ WhatsApp messages

SEC is investigating the cell phone use of Wall Street executives and employees: private messages should not discuss investment terms, client meetings and other business

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Barclays to Buy Stake in a Crypto Company 

Barclays is reportedly buying a share in the crypto company Copper

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The rising cost of living in the UK hits businesses by more late payments

Barclays has found that 26% of UK SMEs have seen the number of late payments they receive increase since the cost of living has gone up. The new findings indicate that rising prices have started to impact payments between businesses, as 16% of SMEs said that they’re finding it more difficult to pay suppliers themselves […]

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Invoice scams make up 55% of money lost to scammers: Barclays

Businesses are being urged to stay vigilant when paying their bills or changing supplier

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How to apply for Barclays bank account as a foreigner

Here’s how a foreigner can open Barclays bank account


Amazon customers in UK can now pay later for their orders

Customers need to meet certain eligibility requirements to apply for an instalment account

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Barclays gets Australian banking license

Barclays Bank PLC Australia Branch is targeted to go-live as a foreign bank branch locally in April 2022

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