PIX e-payment system explained

What do we know about PIX?


Bexs rolls out 24/7 Brazil cross-border payment solution

The new solution was announced in the midst of the Money 20/20 conference in Amsterdam

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Here’s who accounted for over 60% of high-value VC investments in Q2 2021

Both nations attracted high-value VC investment deals worth over $100 million both in terms of volume and value

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Brazil’s economic forecast 2021: what’s coming next?

Bader Al Hussain PaySpace Magazine Analyst   Brazil is the largest economy in South America and is also considered to be one of the fastest-growing major economies of the world. It is part of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and this acronym is associated with the five major emerging economies around the globe. […]

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4 out of 5 consumers worldwide would use biometric payment card

The survey shows that many consumers are willing to use biometrics technology for payments


JPMorgan Chase takes 40% stake in Brazilian bank

The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed

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How to pay in Brazil: facts on country’s payments market

Find out how to pay in Brazil and which payment methods Brazilians prefer


Top 10 central banks leading in CBDC adoption

Today we have prepared a list of the most active CBDC supporters across the globe


Countries with highest number of real-time transactions revealed

Coronacrisis caused a significant shift towards digital payments


The most expensive and cheapest countries to live in 2021

Let’s find out where in the world is the lowest price for food, rent, and utilities

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Carrefour acquires Walmart’s former business in Brazil

Grupo BIG is Brazil’s third-biggest food retailer

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Which country is leading the way in open banking: research

This survey is based on the opinions of over 300 global banking executives


Countries leading in COVID-19 vaccine trials unveiled

Let’s take a look at these frontrunners


N26 makes its debut in Brazil

The bank has been planning this since 2019

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COVID-19 apps: how states use technology against pandemic

Tech measures to control coronavirus


Research reveals how coronacrisis impacted payments in Latin America

Latin Americans are buying much more online but are not changing their payment habits at the same speed