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EU Antitrust Regulators Fine Intel

The antimonopoly regulators of the European Union have decided to introduce a financial impact measure in the form of a fine against Intel.


Irish Regulators Fine TikTok

The Irish regulators, as part of the proceedings on the fact of TikTok’s involvement in the use of practices that violate the norms of ensuring the confidentiality of information of underage users of social networks and apps, decided to apply the measure of influence in the form of a fine in the amount of €345 […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

EU Antitrust Regulators Reportedly Suspends Investigation of Amazon’s Acquisition of iRobot

The media reported that the antitrust regulators of the European Union temporarily halted their investigation in connection with Amazon’s acquisition of the manufacturer of robot vacuum cleaners iRobot in a deal worth $1.7 billion.


EU Names Six Tech Giants to Comply With DMA

The EU regulators have come up with a list of so-called gatekeepers with enough market power to report their core platform services to the European Commission under the Digital Markets Act (DMA)


TikTok Opens Its First European Data Centre

TikTok has opened its first European data center, which is based in Dublin.

Society & Lifestyle

Big Tech Braces for European Union’s Clampdown on Anti-Competitive Practices

Big technology companies are preparing for the largest and most significant tightening clampdown on anti-competitive practices in the history of the European Union.

Science & Technology

Microsoft Splits Teams from Office in EU

Microsoft will give its European business customers the opportunity to buy the Teams video and chat app separately from the Office software.

Blockchain & Crypto

Spain’s Deputy Central Bank Governor Suggests Tools to Mitigate Digital Euro’s Unintended Consequences

Deputy head of the Central Bank of Spain Margarita Delgado said that before making a final decision on the launch of the digital euro, the European Central Bank should analyze the potential impact of the virtual currency on the banking system of the eurozone.


MiCA: Is This Crypto Regulation Needed?

29 June, 2023 — MiCA, the ‘exhaustive’ regulatory framework erected around the crypto industry within the EU came into effect. Its purpose? To “regulate something that’s borderless, open-source, decentralised and constantly evolving”. Innovation regulation does not purport great expectations, is MiCA any different? Are innovative and autonomous financial instruments supported by the voting outcome of […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Bunq Sees Record Funding Year With Fresh €44.5M Investment

Europe’s largest neobank bunq secures additional growth capital, bringing the total yearly investments to nearly €100M


Google Launches AI Chatbot in Europe

Google announced the launch of Bard, an artificial intelligence-based chatbot, in Europe and Brazil.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Numarics Raises €10 Million to Offer Small Businesses All-in-One Digital CFO Solution

Swiss fintech startup Numarics announced the raising of investment funds for 10 million euros following the results of the initial round of financing.


Meta Loses EU Court Fight Over German Attack on Facebook

The social network Facebook, which is part of the Meta ownership structure, lose in the Supreme Court of the European Union for the cancellation of the German antitrust decision, which provided for a review of the business strategy of the American technology firm.

Society & Lifestyle

Apple Defies EU Over Antitrust Charges in Spotify Probe

Apple is preparing for a confrontation with European regulators.


Travel Tech UTU Raises $33M to Promote Tax-Free Shopping

Part of Series B funding was used by utu to acquire CardsPal, a Singapore-based fintech that offers deals and promotions nearby to users

Blockchain & Crypto

EU to Introduce Open Source Platform that Tracks Goods Throughout Supply Chain

The blockchain-based platform will enable brands to trace their products from their point of manufacture to their final destination and end customers in the EU

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