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Finance & Economics

ECB Holds Interest Rates to First Cut in June

During the meeting on Thursday, April 11, the European Central Bank decided to keep interest rates at the same level.

Finance & Economics

ECB Prepares to Start Cutting Interest Rates Before Fed Does

The European Central Bank is demonstrating a kind of determination as part of its aspirations to begin implementing a policy of cutting interest rates before similar decisions are made by the Federal Reserve System.

Finance & Economics

Euro-Area Inflation Slows to 2.4%

On Wednesday, April 3, flash official data were released, according to which in March in 20 countries belonging to the eurozone, inflation fell to 2.4%.

Science & Technology

EU Starts Probe Into Meta, Apple and Alphabet

The European Union on Monday, March 25, announced the launch of an investigation into such technology giants as Apple, Alphabet, and Meta.

Science & Technology

World Fund to Offer €300M to European Climate Tech Founders

German-based climate VC World Fund has raised a €300M fund to make substantial investments into European tech startups, developing technologies that can potentially decarbonise entire industries.


Apple to Allow iPhone App Downloads From Websites in Europe

IPhone owners who live in European Union countries will be able to download apps for their smartphones from websites, instead of through the App Store or a competing virtual store of digital products.

Finance & Economics

ECB Keeps Borrowing Costs Steady

The European Central Bank kept the cost of borrowing at the current level during its fourth meeting, but at the same time, new economic forecasts could become a kind of base of argument to justify the expediency of the financial regulator’s decision to start lowering interest rates in 2024.

Science & Technology

Apple Makes Big App Store Changes in Europe

Apple is forced, in a sense, to weaken the symbolic fortress of the iPhone in Europe against the background of stricter regulatory requirements in this region.

Science & Technology

EU Watchdog Examines Microsoft’s Mistral AI Investment

Microsoft Corp. investments in Mistral AI will be analyzed by the antimonopoly authority of the European Union.

Science & Technology

Apple Set to Face EU Fine

Apple is facing a fine of about €500 million from the European Union as part of an investigation into the possible application of illegal practices by the technology giant against its music streaming competitors, including Spotify Technology SA.

Science & Technology

EU to Advance AI Act

As France and Germany withdrew their objections to the AI Act, the EU can proceed with the next steps required for implementing the regulation.

Blockchain & Crypto

Bitpanda Launches Institutional Crypto Platform

Austrian fintech unicorn Bitpanda has launched Bitpanda Wealth – a cryptocurrency trading platform catering to the growing demand for institutional crypto services in the EU.

Fintech & Ecommerce

BlueLayer Works on Operating System for Carbon Project Developers

BlueLayer is currently working on creating a software platform designed to be used by developers of carbon projects.

Science & Technology

Italy Claims OpenAI Breaks GDPR Laws

The Italian data protection authority (DPA) has concluded that OpenAI and its popular AI chatbot ChatGPT do not comply with the European Union GDPR provisions.

Finance & Economics

ECB Vice President Warns About Difficulties in European Economy

Luis de Guindos, Vice President of the European Central Bank, stated that the eurozone’s economic system may have experienced a downswing at the end of last year, and noted that difficulties in this area are likely to continue in 2024.


Coinbase to Offer Crypto Derivatives in Europe

Coinbase intends to acquire a Cypriot company that will offer cryptocurrency-linked derivatives in the European Union.