Meta Launches New Subscription Option for Users in Europe

Meta will soon launch a new subscription option for users of the virtual platforms Facebook and Instagram in Europe.

Science & Technology

Meta Unveils AI-Powered Assistant

Meta AI will integrate with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and, eventually, the company’s mixed reality devices.


EU Names Six Tech Giants to Comply With DMA

The EU regulators have come up with a list of so-called gatekeepers with enough market power to report their core platform services to the European Commission under the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

Society & Lifestyle

Canadian Prime Minister Criticizes Facebook for Blocking News

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has criticized Facebook negatively, saying that this virtual platform has a system of priorities in which corporate profits are much more valuable compared to the safety of people.


Meta Loses EU Court Fight Over German Attack on Facebook

The social network Facebook, which is part of the Meta ownership structure, lose in the Supreme Court of the European Union for the cancellation of the German antitrust decision, which provided for a review of the business strategy of the American technology firm.


Instagram Debuts Gift Offerings for Creators

Meta has announced the expansion of its Instagram gift program.


The European Commission Confirms Meta Abused its Market Dominance

The first results of the European Commission antitrust investigation into Facebook’s parent company Meta showed that it created “unfair trading conditions” tying the core social network and Marketplace classified ads service

Mark Zuckerberg

Meta posts revenue decline: there’s a first time for everything

The tech sector suffers most from inflation and high interest rates – even Facebook’s parent Meta has reported a drop in revenues for the first time ever


Instagram Shopping Becomes Easier with Pay in Chat Function

Instagram users can now buy products from eligible small businesses, paying right within the app’s chat 


Meta is confused by the war in Ukraine: Why?

Alisa Adamska Author       Facebook and Instagram policies regarding war-related content keep constantly changing, causing internal confusion. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Meta has made more than half a dozen content policy revisions. They have permitted sharing the type of content that would normally be blocked, even calling for the death of President […]


Meta announced the launch of bill splitting feature

The feature allows users to ask for money from people in the group chat


Facebook makes two-factor authentication mandatory for high-risk accounts

During the initial testing period, over 50% of users enrolled for Facebook Protect once it was mandated

Science & Technology

Facebook changes its name

The global brand shifted from its focus to the ‘metaverse’


Throwback Thursday: 10 greatest IPOs in history

We offer you the list of the top 10 staggering global IPOs


Most intrusive iOS app for phone users in the UK unveiled

The research analysed the UK’s top 10 most downloaded apps over the past 12 months to discover which access the most data and permissions


A day without Facebook: how that happened?

This Monday, millions of people were deprived of their favorite pastime – scrolling Facebook and Instagram news feeds. What happened to the most popular social media?