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Apple to End Credit Card Partnership With Goldman Sachs

Apple is reportedly looking for ways to end its credit card and savings account partnership with Goldman Sachs within a year or so.

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Goldman Sachs Expects Indian Businesses to Increase Investment

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. expects that the Indian business sector will increase investment volumes.


Goldman Sachs Reports Q3 Earnings

Goldman Sachs last Tuesday, October 17, published an earnings report for the third quarter of this year.

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Goldman Sachs Reports Intensive Credit Card Losses Climbing

Currently, in the United States, credit card companies are recording an increase in losses, demonstrating the greatest degree of intensity since the Great Recession.

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Goldman Sachs CEO Says About Risk of Prolonged Inflation

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon expressed doubts that the prospects for further dynamics of the United States economy are positive.

Science & Technology

Goldman Sachs Says About Strong Fundamentals of Early Winners in AI

Goldman Sachs Group strategists said that the first winners in the area of artificial intelligence have strong fundamental positions and are characterized by less extreme valuations compared to stocks in previous periods of abundance.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Fed Warns Goldman Sachs Over FinTech Risk

The Federal Reserve issued a warning to Goldman Sachs about risk control and compliance with regulatory requirements in the unit of the investment bank specializing in financial technologies.

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Goldman Sachs Reportedly to Sell Its Personal Financial Management Business

The media reported that in the future, Goldman Sachs may decide to sell its personal finance management business.


Goldman Sachs Reports Drop in Profits

Goldman Sachs Group’s profit showed a sharp drop in the second quarter of this year.


Goldman Sachs Reportedly Tries to Bail on Apple Card

Goldman Sachs is currently considering an action plan to complete the partnership program with Apple.


Goldman Analysts Say AI Stock Winners Outperform in Credit Too

Strategists at Goldman Sachs Group said that companies that specialize in the development and extension of technologies based on artificial intelligence, in terms of the value of shares and the dynamics of their growth, outperformed competitors working in the field of lending, although in this case there is no catastrophic gap between the indicators of […]

Finance & Economics

Goldman Strategists See Potential Profit Boom From AI

Strategists at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. believe that artificial intelligence can become a solid foundation for long-term profit growth in the United States.


Goldman Sachs Spinoff Louisa Expands Availability of Corporate Networking Platform

The availability of the social media platform for employees used by Goldman Sachs is expanding.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Apple Introduces Apple Card Savings Account

With the new offering, American users can set up and manage a savings account directly from Apple Card in their dedicated Wallet

Blockchain & Crypto

Goldman, MSCI and Coin Metrics Joined to Create Digital Asset Classification System

The new framework for digital assets classification is designed to help all stakeholders to monitor market trends, analyze portfolio risk and returns, and help build new products


Goldman Sachs is going through major changes

Strong trading results and complete restructuring: what’s happening to Goldman Sachs?