Goldman Sachs


Goldman Sachs Alternatives Raises Loan Partners Fund

Goldman Sachs Alternatives has raised more than $20 billion for direct lending to large clients.


Goldman Sachs Reports Increasing Interest in Cryptocurrency

The media reported that Goldman Sachs has managed to achieve significant success in the sphere of cryptocurrencies.

Finance & Economics

Expert of Goldman Sachs Says About State of US Economy

Jan Hatzius, the chief economist at Goldman Sachs, said during a conversation with media representatives that the soft landing, which was perceived as something like a fantastic scenario for the Federal Reserve System, is still on track.

Finance & Economics

Goldman Sachs Reportedly Plans Expansion of Its Private Credit Portfolio

The media reports that Goldman Sachs Asset Management intends to significantly expand its private credit portfolio.

Blockchain & Crypto

Goldman Sachs and BNY Mellon Reportedly Join Blockchain Project

The media reports that Goldman Sachs and BNY Mellon are expanding the scope of their interaction with the functional space of blockchain transactions.


Goldman Sachs CEO Says About Uncertainty to Soft-Landing Expectations

Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. David Solomon said that the downward trend in consumer spending in the United States creates reason to doubt that the economic system of this country will be able to avoid the implementation of a negative recession scenario.

Finance & Economics

Goldman Sachs Predicts Pharmacy’s Impact on US Economy

Goldman Sachs experts in their research report have suggested that the economic system of the United States will be able to significantly strengthen as a result of Americans taking popular weight loss medications, including Ozempic and Wegovy.

Finance & Economics

Goldman’s Jan Hatzius Sees US Soft Landing

Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Jan Hatzius on Tuesday, January 23, during a conversation with media representatives in Hong Kong, said that the Federal Reserve System is currently on track to achieve a soft landing of the United States economy.


Goldman Sachs Increases Loan Facility to Hong Kong Fintech Firm FundPark

Hong Kong-based fintech startup FundPark, which specializes in providing trade finance to small and medium-sized enterprises, announced that it managed to raise $500 million from Goldman Sachs.

Finance & Economics

Goldman Sachs Reports Q4 Earnings

Goldman Sachs on Tuesday, January 16, published its financial results for the fourth quarter of last year.


Goldman Sachs Strives to Attract Super-Rich

Goldman Sachs, as reported by the media, is currently intensifying its efforts aimed at expanding the scale of interaction between wealthy clients with this bank and increasing the base of rich consumers receiving the lender’s services.


Goldman Rethinks Emerging Markets Strategy Due to China Lesson

Kamakshya Trivedi, head of global currencies, interest rates, and Emerging Markets Strategy at Goldman Sachs Group, said that he had learned two lessons from one of the largest and most common unsuccessful forecasts of this year, which envisaged a rapid recovery of China’s economic system after the end of the country’s policy of severe restrictions […]

Finance & Economics

Goldman Sachs Favors Options to Counter Intensive Rate-Cut Pricing

Goldman Sachs thinks that there is currently an overly optimistic mood in the financial markets regarding the possible range of interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve next year.

Science & Technology

Morgan Stanley Says Smartphone Sales to Rebound Due to AI

Analysts at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley predict that sales volumes will recover in the smartphone market next year, despite numerous warnings that the current downturn in this commercial space will be long-term and so far has no signs of ending soon.


Apple to End Credit Card Partnership With Goldman Sachs

Apple is reportedly looking for ways to end its credit card and savings account partnership with Goldman Sachs within a year or so.


Goldman Sachs Expects Indian Businesses to Increase Investment

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. expects that the Indian business sector will increase investment volumes.