Italy Privacy Watchdog Fines Unicredit

In Italy, the local data protection authority fined the bank UniCredit.


Step into Style: Top Italian Shoe Brands for Women

Italian shoes hold a special place in the global fashion scene. Their reputation for quality, style, and craftsmanship is unmatched. Italy’s rich heritage and commitment to excellence have made Italian footwear synonymous with luxury. This guide will explore the top Italian shoes for women. The brands that defined the industry from classic to modern. What Draws […]

Finance & Economics

UniCredit Shares Demonstrate Growth

UniCredit SpA Bank reported revenue, which turned out to be the highest in more than eight years.


Italy Claims OpenAI Breaks GDPR Laws

The Italian data protection authority (DPA) has concluded that OpenAI and its popular AI chatbot ChatGPT do not comply with the European Union GDPR provisions.

Finance & Economics

Italy Revisits Bank Tax After Industry Rebuke

A controversial 40% tax on the banks’ income derived from higher interest rates was revised in Italy, now favouring banks that hold a higher proportion of government bonds


Italy Accepts Data Portability Offer From Google

In Italy, the local antitrust regulator has completed an investigation into Google over data portability.

Finance & Economics

Italian Antitrust Watchdog Cancels Payment Fees for Small Retail Transactions

In Italy, the antimonopoly regulator has decided to approve a deal that will eliminate commission fees for payments and simplify the penalty mode regarding financial operations with small cards.

Society & Lifestyle

OpenAI Reopens ChatGPT to Italian Users

OpenAI has announced that the chatbot ChatGPT has become available to Italian users again.

Science & Technology

What’s New With Generative AI: ChatGPT Gets Compliance Deadline, Open-Source LLMs Revealed, and More

The development of generative AI tools is taking great strides at the peak of the popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Here are the last updates on the technology

Science & Technology

ChatGPT Maker to Propose Remedies Over Italian Ban

ChatGPT manufacturer OpenAI intends to present an action plan aimed at eliminating the problems that caused the decision to ban the chatbot in Italy by the local authorities.

Science & Technology

Italy Sees the Fastest Growth of In-Store Mobile and Wearable Transactions

In-store mobile and wearable transaction values in Italy rose by 122% in 2022 to hit $17.5 billion


Italy Approves 26% Tax on Crypto

The Italian Senate approved the budget legislation for 2023, including a new tax rate for crypto trading


Algorand to Support an “Innovative Digital Guarantees Platform” in Italy

The Algorand-supported bank and insurance guarantee platform is expected to launch in early 2023

Science & Technology

Great Opportunities For Embedded Finance in the European Mobility Sector Revealed

Research conducted by Solaris and the Handelsblatt Research Institute analyzes the potential of the most popular mobility providers in Germany, France, Italy and Spain to offer financial services

Finance & Economics

Mediobanca Enhances BNPL Operations with New Acquisitions

Compass, the Mediobanca Group’s consumer credit arm, has completed two acquisitions in the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) segment


Consortium wants to pilot European Digital Identity Wallet payments 

A consortium of government agencies and fintech providers from six European countries propose to launch a large-scale pilot to explore European Digital Identity Wallet payments