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Top 10 Banks in Poland

Poland’s banking sector has experienced impressive growth over the last decade, keeping pace with the country’s rapidly expanding economy. The country’s banks have been able to adapt to the changing financial landscape, embracing new technology and developing innovative products and services to meet the needs of their customers.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Currency One Announces Appeal Against Non-Final Judgement

A court case pending since October 2013, on the charges against Currency One SA brought by Cinkciarz.pl ended with the decision of the District Court of Poznan, which has not yet entered into force.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Cinkciarz Wins Judgement in Google Ads Case

The Polish court ordered the owner Internetowykantor.pl and the Walutomat website, an online currency exchange service platform, to apologize and pay compensation to Cinkciarz.pl, the company from Conotoxia Holding, and donate an additional amount to charity.


PKO Bank Polski opens in Metaverse

PKO Bank Polski, the largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe, has set up a virtual branch in the metaverse of the Decentraland platform


The first biometric debit card launched in Poland

Polish Bank Pocztowy now offers its customers to apply for a biometric debit card that allows them to authenticate contactless payments using their fingerprints

Finance & Economics

Less than half of Polish B2Bs sell online

155 Polish companies offering products, services and solutions to businesses shared their thoughts


Here’s how Europeans can help Ukrainian refugees

If you want to help Ukrainians forced out of their homeland, here are some helpful links and resources


‘Poland should be the next’: majority of Russians tolerate the idea of further military invasion

Russia’s public opinion may be a marker of the Kremlin’s potential actions for the world community


Here’s how much European marketplaces are estimated to value

50% of online shoppers use marketplaces

Fintech & Ecommerce

Klarna announced partnership with Wix

From designers and developers to musicians and restaurant owners, Wix is a website development platform for e-commerce merchants globally

Finance & Economics

Which European countries don’t use the euro?

Do you know how many countries use the euro? Do you know which European countries have retained their own currency?

Finance & Economics

Singapore-based online shopping platform enters Europe

Shopee is part of Sea, a dominant e-commerce player in Southeast Asia

Finance & Economics

BigBuy now covers all European Amazon marketplaces

This week, the B2B wholesale platform extended this service with two other Amazon marketplaces


Klarna enters another European country with its BNPL solution

Klarna is now officially active in Poland with a new office in Warsaw

Science & Technology

COVID-19 accelerated digital shift in Poland’s card payment market

This has also boosted the use of payment cards online

Finance & Economics

EU Digital Covid Certificate goes live: here’s where

More countries will join in the coming days and weeks

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