Blockchain & Crypto

Cardano Launched ADA-Backed Stablecoin

ADA-backed stablecoin ‘Djed’ launched on Cardano blockchain.

Blockchain & Crypto

GBPT Stablecoin Integrates into 18,000 ATMs in UK

Thousands of crypto ATMs in the United Kingdom now allow customers to withdraw cash for GBPT, a stablecoin backed by British pound

Blockchain & Crypto

Moody’s Preps Stablecoin Scoring System

Moody’s is developing a system for evaluating up to 20 stablecoins.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Saudi Arabia Central Bank Launches CBDC Experiment

Saudi Central Bank continues CBDC experimentations, currently focusing on domestic wholesale of CBDC in collaboration with local banks and fintechs.

Finance & Economics

Binance SWIFT Banking Partner to Ban USD Transfers Below $100K

Binance’s SWIFT partner, Signature Bank, has set a minimum transaction limit of $100,000.


Universal Digital Payments Network Launches at Davos

A Universal Digital Payment Network (UDPN) for stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) was launched at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

Blockchain & Crypto

Over 1% of Binance Tokens Just got Burned

BNB Chain has burned over $500 million worth of its native BNB tokens during its 22nd scheduled burn, the first quarterly burn of 2023.

Blockchain & Crypto

Tether’s Settlement Volume Flips Visa and Mastercard

According to Coin Metrics, Tether (USDT) handled $18.2 trillion in transactions in 2022, far surpassing established payment processors Visa and Mastercard, who processed $14.1 trillion and $7.7 trillion, respectively.

Blockchain & Crypto

US Senator Introduces Stablecoin Bill

If passed by Congress, the stablecoin bill would permit non-state and non-bank institutions to issue stablecoins with a federal license

Blockchain & Crypto

Tether to Give up on Secured Loans in 2023

Tether promises to stop the practice of lending funds from its reserves “to restore faith” in the crypto market


Hong Kong Warns That Stablecoin Volatility Can Affect Traditional Financial Systems

Systematic shocks within the crypto ecosystem risk to have knock-off effects upon traditional financial institutions

Blockchain & Crypto

Circle Adds Apple Pay Support

The stablecoin issuer added Apple Pay support outlining benefits for both crypto and traditional businesses

Blockchain & Crypto

Crypto Volatility De-pegged Stablecoins, Urges for Legislation

FTX potential collapse calls for greater federal oversight of the digital asset industry


‘Second Great Stablecoin War’: causes and consequences

The rapid rise of Binance stablecoin Binance USD (BUSD) could spark the “Second Great Stablecoin War” leading to considerable market changes

Blockchain & Crypto

Hong Kong presents unique CBDC project

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority presented Aurum retail central bank digital currency (CBDC) prototype, reflecting unique monetary policies of the special administrative region


Over 12,000 Brazil companies break the record for crypto holdings 

August data released by Brazil’s tax authority revealed that over 12,000 companies have cryptocurrency holdings, the largest amount ever recorded