Finance & Economics

What Are the Advantages of Remote Bookkeeping Services?

In the 21st century, the financial success of enterprises can be closely linked to the accuracy of the economic data recorded. The professional services of a bookkeeping company could be crucial to detect the internal elements of your firm that can be optimized and bring your venture in line with other organizations active in your […]


US Treasury and IRS Propose Crypto Tax Reporting Rules

The new crypto tax proposal from the US Treasury and IRS regulates the sale and exchange of digital assets by brokers, aiming “to close the tax gap, address the tax evasion risks posed by digital assets, and help ensure that everyone plays by the same set of rules.”


IRS to Tax Crypto Staking Rewards

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has come up with taxation rules for those getting income from crypto staking


Everything You Need to Know About a K-1 Form

If you have a business partnership or corporation, you’ll likely need to file a K-1 Form for tax purposes. But you might not be familiar with how it works and how to file it.

Blockchain & Crypto

Kenya Proposes Crypto Transfer Tax

The Kenyan national budget, which will be presented on June 8, proposes a 3% tax on the transfer of digital crypto assets

Finance & Economics

5 Tax Deductions You May Not Know About

Trying to get the biggest tax refund possible this year? You can save money and, in certain situations, increase your refund by examining your financial situation to see if you qualify for tax deductions and credits. Your adjusted gross income, which is required to determine how much tax you owe, could be reduced if you […]

Science & Technology

El Salvador Removes All Taxes Related to Tech Innovation

El Salvador, known for the unprecedented introduction of bitcoin as a legal tender, is now aiming to boost its economic growth by removing all possible taxes that might hinder tech innovation

Blockchain & Crypto

UK Tax Authorities Change the Way Crypto Profits Should Be Filed

The UK Treasury introduced changes to the Self-Assessment tax return forms so that crypto assets are identified separately


Australian Taxation Office Implements Crypto Monitoring

The Australian Taxation Office is taking measures to monitor crypto transactions and ensure tax law compliance when it comes to digital assets with the help of a new data-matching tool


Biden Budget Proposes Crypto Mining Tax

A budget proposal by U.S. President Joe Biden aims to “reduce mining activity” with a 30% tax on electricity costs linked to the cryptocurrency mining process


MoneyLion Teams Up With Column Tax

MoneyLion Inc., a provider of personalized financial content, financial products, and advice, has started offering its users free tax filing services.


Binance Tax Launched to Help Crypto Users Calculate Trading Gains

Binance Tax will assist users to understand their crypto tax liabilities at no extra cost.

Finance & Economics

An Introduction To Withholding Tax

Taxes can be intimidating and overwhelming for most of us. Withholding tax is just one type of tax that may affect your finances, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Knowing the basics of how withholding tax works is important in understanding how it affects your overall financial situation. So let’s begin with an […]


Why You Should Love Crypto Accounting

Zachary Weiner Author   Accounting and cryptocurrency often don’t seem to go hand in hand. The rules surrounding the accounting for cryptocurrencies are unclear, to say the least. Regulators have been urging a change of the GAAP to adapt to the crypto revolution, but little has been done. However, when it comes to crypto blockchain […]