TechBerry Review: What the Epitome of Social Analytics Feels Like

There used to be a moment when FX investors were regarded as this rather select class of people, spending substantial parts of their time simply honing their talents or skills, whether it be through some specialized training routines or through their many contacts within the industry. Regardless, nowadays, FX investors are just average, self-taught individuals […]

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TikTok Comment Issue: Insights into Comments Not Appearing in 2024

Are you unable to interact with your audience because of the dreadful TikTok comment glitch? At GCG Media, we understand the importance of TikTok comments in maintaining and deepening user engagement. Advertisers are unable to engage and nurture their leads with TikTok comments not loading, rendering the campaign ineffective.

Science & Technology

TikTok Says About Potential Consequences of Banning Platform in US

TikTok stated that the ban on this virtual platform in the United States would be a factor in hurting freedom of speech and harming local businesses.

Science & Technology

US House Passes Bill to Force ByteDance to Divest TikTok

The United States House of Representatives on Wednesday, March 13, passed a bill according to which the Chinese company ByteDance, which owns TikTok, must divest the US assets of this short-video app within six months or face a ban.

Fintech & Ecommerce

TikTok and GoTo Announce Partnership in Indonesia

TikTok and GoTo announced the establishment of a strategic partnership in Indonesia.

Fintech & Ecommerce

TikTok Invests $1.5 Billion to Get Back Into Online Shopping in Indonesia

TikTok, which is part of the ByteDance ownership structure, is investing $1.5 billion to become the controlling shareholder of the e-commerce unit of Indonesia’s GoTo Gojek Tokopedia.

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Judge Blocks TikTok Ban in Montana

Last Thursday, November 30, in the United States, a federal judge’s decision temporarily halted a ban on a virtual platform for creating and watching short videos and online broadcasts of TikTok in Montana, which was supposed to take effect in early 2024.

Fintech & Ecommerce

TikTok Mulls Tokopedia Investment for New E-Commerce Platform

TikTok is reportedly considering an investment into Tokopedia, a unit of Indonesia’s GoTo Group, to revive its e-commerce service in Southeast Asia’s largest retail market.

Science & Technology

Utah Sues TikTok

Utah is another American state to file a lawsuit against the TikTok virtual platform.

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Irish Regulators Fine TikTok

The Irish regulators, as part of the proceedings on the fact of TikTok’s involvement in the use of practices that violate the norms of ensuring the confidentiality of information of underage users of social networks and apps, decided to apply the measure of influence in the form of a fine in the amount of €345 […]


EU Names Six Tech Giants to Comply With DMA

The EU regulators have come up with a list of so-called gatekeepers with enough market power to report their core platform services to the European Commission under the Digital Markets Act (DMA)


TikTok Opens Its First European Data Centre

TikTok has opened its first European data center, which is based in Dublin.


New York City Bans TikTok on Government Devices

New York last Wednesday, August 16, decided to ban the use of the TikTok app on government devices.

Science & Technology

TikTok Adds Text Posts

TikTok announced the introduction of a new functional solution on its virtual platform, as a result of what users will be able to post text materials containing only words and nothing else.


TikTok Partners With Atome for Malaysia E-Commerce

TikTok’s e-commerce unit announced that it has reached an agreement on a partnership with the fintech platform Atome, which is part of the ownership structure of Advance Intelligence Group.

Fintech & Ecommerce

TikTok Dangles Zero Seller Fees Ahead of US Marketplace Debut

The TikTok video application, which is part of the ByteDance ownership structure, has begun positioning itself as a free trading platform within the framework of seminars and meetings with Chinese manufacturers and exporters.