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Women in Web3

Web3 is not exactly the sphere associated with women professionals. However, their presence in this innovative financial ecosystem is growing along with the impact they make

Finance & Economics

Is There Gender Equality in Fintech?

Despite decades of the gender equality movement progress, many business industries still have a wide pay gap and gender-biased career opportunities. Being an innovative facilitator of financial inclusion, has fintech managed to create gender equality in its own industry?

Fintech & Ecommerce

7 Ways for a Fintech to Become More ESG-Focused

To succeed in an increasingly competitive fintech sphere, startups and long-established businesses must demonstrate they are socially conscious and have ethical management practices. Here are the main ways a fintech company may improve its ESG objectives


Kraken Agrees to Shut Crypto-Staking to Settle SEC Charges

U.S. SEC targets crypto exchange Kraken over crypto-staking services.

Blockchain & Crypto

How Can Crypto Benefit Education and Financial Literacy

If treated wisely, crypto can be a great tool for financial education. Although this aspect is not widely discussed, the educational value of crypto may be even more promising than its financial utility

Blockchain & Crypto

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Blockchain Networks 

Crypto users should not worry about their carbon footprint, if they turn to these eco-friendly blockchain solutions

Finance & Economics

Transition Finance: Challenges and Solutions

Despite all the challenges, asset owners realise that without greater investment in transition-finance assets, we cannot meet the Paris Agreement climate-change goals on a global scale

Blockchain & Crypto

Crypto Market Cap: To $1 Trillion and Back Within a Month

The cryptocurrency market has recently witnessed a rebound, with market cap exceeding $1 trillion. Yet, within a fortnight, the FTX collapse wiped away $200 million of market value. Where is the industry heading? 

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Fintech Solutions To Help You Get Through This Holiday Season

Holidays are coming and they pose challenges for both merchants and customers amid the ongoing economic crisis. However, fintech solutions will help all parties involved to get through the holiday shopping with flying colours

Fintech & Ecommerce

How Embedded Finance Will Revolutionise Payments

Embedded finance has immense potential for the payments industry and enormous revenue opportunities for software platforms and enabling infrastructure providers

Science & Technology

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) — a New EU Regulation Concerning Large Digital Companies

The European digital market is to become fairer and more competitive as the Digital Markets Act (DMA) comes into force


Top 10 Best Low-Risk Investments Amid the Crisis

Here are the best low-risk investment types to withstand any economic storms

Fintech & Ecommerce

13 Failed FinTech Startups: Case Studies

Learning from one’s own mistakes may be the most comprehensive way but young businesses often cannot afford that. Therefore, today, we’ll learn about the top fintech startup failure cases and make conclusions


Ukraine under missile attacks: breaking news

“We have woken up from explosions and air raid sirens, each in our own city. We’ll remember this morning forever”. Here’s the chronicle of the events in Ukraine on Friday, Oct.10


Bear Market Is Driving Crypto Adoption In Emerging Economies

Max Krupyshev Author   It’s safe to say that the last couple of months have been a nightmare for crypto investors, with millions of them seeing their portfolios more in the red than ever before. But it’s not all bad news, on the contrary, while the market bleeds crypto usage keeps growing.  Our internal statistics […]

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Finovate and SALT conference in New York: innovations and trends in the world of fintech and investments

Nykyta Izmailov CEO of N1 fund   Finovate and SALT are two large-scale fintech conferences that took place in New York on September 12-14.  Nykyta Izmailov, the founder and CEO of the specialized investment fintech fund N1, who attended both events, told about the industry trends and other issues discussed by the participants of the […]