Centenary Bank Introduces WhatsApp Banking in Uganda

Centenary Bank, which serves over 2.4 million customers in Uganda, has launched the CenteWhatsApp banking platform that offers customers instant access to various banking services via WhatsApp.


Top 10 Agri-Fintech Startups in Africa

Global stability largely depends on the food security and prosperity of the population. To reduce poverty levels and provide economic security to the dwellers of rural areas, the agriculture sector needs to be properly financed and get access to quality financial services. Agri-fintech startups serve exactly this purpose. In Africa, the need for agri-fintech services […]


7 Best Payment Gateways In Uganda: Features and Benefits | PaySpace Magazine

The choice of a payment gateway can significantly impact the success of a business. In Uganda, a diverse range of payment gateways caters to different business needs, each offering unique features and benefits.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Kenyan Fintech M-Kopa Raises $250M to Extend Financial and Sustainability Services

M-Kopa will use the new debt and equity funding to expand financial services offering to underbanked consumers across Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Kenya and Uganda


SC Ventures Partners Yabx to Expand Credit Access in Africa

The partnership between SC Ventures and Yabx is leveraging rapid digitization in the financial sector of Africa to increase access to credit for the underbanked across the continent


IMF biggest credit tranches in 2021

Let’s take a look at the most valuable credit tranches the international Monetary Fund has released in 2021 so far

Finance & Economics

Leading neobanks in Africa: top 7 digital-only banks

African neobanks stand out from the crowd by addressing a massive market with challenging economic conditions