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1 in 3 Brits are alert to threat of being scammed on social media

45% of scams from January to March 2021 originated on tech platforms including social media, auction/purchase websites or apps and dating sites

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1 in 3 Brits are alert to threat of being scammed on social media. Source:

According to Barclays, 84% of Brits noticed an increase in suspicious or scam-related communications in the past year. Nevertheless, only 38% are alert to the possibility of being targeted by a scam when scrolling through social media.

While all are potential avenues for scammers to strike, the research found that people are far more alert to the possibility of being scammed when answering their mobile phone (69%) or landline (66%), or when reading an email (73%) or text message (69%).

Barclays found that while scams that originate on tech platforms are high in volume, they tend to be lower value, making up just 20% of the total value of scam claims, showing that customers should always be on the alert, even on smaller purchases.

Interestingly, Brits are more likely to carry out a thorough background check on someone before they fix something at their house (31%), than they are when buying something on social media (26%) or via online marketplaces (22%).

We’ve reported that younger Brits invest more in personal finances than older generation.


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