3 in 4 Europeans are likely to shop locally: here’s why

Local businesses faced a slight rise amid the pandemic

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3 in 4 Europeans are likely to shop locally: here’s why. Source:

According to Mastercard, 74% of European shoppers are now more likely to shop in their local communities than they were in 2019.

Meanwhile, 65%of Europeans say they have a newfound appreciation of community and local shops since the onset of COVID-19.

As to the top 3 reasons for people rediscovering shops on their doorstep, half of the respondents highlighted the shops’ convenience.

40% and 31% of the shoppers preferred local shops due to queues in bigger supermarkets and limits on travel, respectively.

Along with that, 77% of Europeans prefer to buy from someone they know while 72% trust recommendations made by local shopkeepers.

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. As people reconnect with their local communities they are rediscovering the huge number of great, varied, and unique small businesses in their local communities and neighborhoods.  We have extended and introduced a number of services to help small businesses thrive – both globally and across Europe and are encouraging everyone to join us in celebrating their local heroes and shopping locally. The bounce-back of the economy starts on our doorstep and local shops and communities play an enormous role in aiding the recovery and return to growth
Mark Barnett, President, Europe at Mastercard 

We’ve reported that small businesses were twice as likely as larger firms to have concerns about their survival during the pandemic.


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