7 best startup business ideas you can try in 2021

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Articulating a brilliant idea can be a daunting task for any aspiring entrepreneur. When starting, you’re skeptical about ideas that have gained popularity recently. But then, such ideas usually yield incredible success if well planned and executed.

In this article, we look to inspire and help you settle on the perfect idea. Our list includes new and older ideas but all are worth your attention if you’re looking to launch your business.

So, here are some ideas that are worth trying.

best business ideas

7 best startup business ideas you can try in 2021. Source:

1. Start dropshipping

You should consider this idea if you’re good at selling online. It is good for you if you have got the passion but lack capital as you sell products without physically managing them. Besides, it doesn’t require a lot of capital, only some bit of drop shipping knowledge, and you’re good to go.

You do not need much to get started with dropshipping. An online store is all you need before partnering with the people that will supply your customers with goods. You create a community of customers and have the suppliers ship their goods directly to them.

One of the reasons why drop-shipping is the real deal is because it is easy to learn, and you find popular products from other drop-shipping sites. If you are interested in this business model, one possible first step is to learn how to start dropshipping through online resources and guides.

2. Become a web developer

Businesses and individuals need websites almost every day. Becoming a web developer is easy and sometimes doesn’t require that you be too tech-savvy. There’re lots of free website builder tools available online to help you create websites from scratch.

Now you can turn that into a profitable business if you can do it perfectly. Many business owners do not have the skills to do it or lack the time to create one. Such businesses will gladly hire you to help design, develop and regularly maintain a website for them.

3. Digital marketing

The internet is exponentially growing in importance, and businesses are aware of that. The biggest challenge they face is catching up with the latest online trends, such as digital marketing. Thus, digital marketing experts are always on demand, and you’ll make huge profits if you have the skills.

Digital marketing will be the right fit for you to strategize well and implement your ideas perfectly. There Are also several other forms of digital marketing. Some of the lucrative ideas you can consider include affiliate and social media marketing.

4. Be a virtual assistant

Be a virtual assistant. Source:

Another fantastic idea that should cross your mind is becoming a virtual assistant. This idea isn’t new in the market, and many people are already making fortunes from it. Both small and big businesses require help with various office tasks, and it will be great if you can offer them the help they need.

As a virtual assistant, you’ll help these businesses get some tasks off their shoulders. In turn, they’ll pay you for the services you offer their clients. You can easily find virtual assistant jobs on various online listing platforms.

Most people looking to hire virtual assistants from these platforms are willing to pay premium rates as long as you can guarantee them top-notch quality. In short, virtual assistance is a proven business that many people are using to make ends meet and will be a great option this year.

5. Start an interior design venture

Interior designers have an exceptional demand in today’s environment. You’ll find great success in this business if you have a passion for it. New homeowners and young professionals living in apartments are willing to pay someone who’ll help them assemble the right furniture and other things.

As easy as it may look, creating a cohesive design at home is never easy to do. You can make huge profits if you have an eye for it and have the right skills or not. Interior designers also find jobs on online platforms and get paid at an hourly rate.

There’re various marketing platforms you can explore for your business, including having a business website. Take pictures of your personal space at home and some you’ve done for previous clients. You can also hire a startup marketing agency to promote your brand. This will save you time on marketing and acquiring

6. Become a web developer

Become a web developer. Source:

Websites have become essential for businesses in today’s world. Getting started as a web developer requires learning what the job entails and having the right equipment. Besides the skills, you need a computer, a fast and reliable internet connection, etc.

The best thing about web development is that there are jobs all year round. You will then search for your first clients and deliver top-notch quality so that you can get referrals in the future. Besides, you can advertise your work through your personal site, job boards, or hire a marketer.

7. Create online courses

You can also make a lot of money from your hobbies. Teach people how to do the things that you love and make money from them. It would be best if you made your hobby easy to learn and your audience will like it. You can make a lot of passive income if you can make your classes engaging and educative.

There’s a huge demand for online educators, which has opened numerous opportunities for people like you. It is great that remote teaching is possible for anyone knowledgeable enough. Think about the subject or anything else you’re good at and make money from it.


Those are some of the startup business ideas you can consider this year. You only need a few skills and equipment to get started with most of these tasks and make profits. Besides, there’s no work shortage once you get into any of these businesses as you can pitch, get referrals, or use job boards.

Consider these if you have been looking for business ideas to give you the profits you desire in 2021. It would help if you tried these ideas one after another until you discover one that works well for you. Thousands of people are making already cashing out from these ideas; thus, you can be sure it’s legit.


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