7 unexpected AI use cases

Let’s take a look at the most interesting application of the AI technology


7 unexpected AI use cases. Source:

We’ve already begun discussing AI applications in the finance and banking sectors. However, today we would like to consider something more entertaining. Namely, we’ll talk about the most interesting and unexpected cases of AI use.

As of today, artificial intelligence cannot be compared with humans, but undoubtedly, it is already sufficiently developed to help humanity in solving immense problems. Nowadays, AI diagnoses diseases, predicts earthquakes and genome editing results, and even fights to save African elephants. Nevertheless, such important tasks are not always entrusted to this brainchild of humanity. Sometimes AI is engaged in more mundane, even frivolous matters, which can be perceived more like a hobby. So, let’s find out what artificial intelligence does in its spare time when it is not engaged in solving global problems.

AI brewer

The British IntelligentX Brewing Company decided that traditional brewing was for the weak, so the engineers of the company had taken up the production of the beverage developed by artificial intelligence.

Essentially, this AI is a chat-bot that determines the preferences of customers, and mostly it is about the taste, aroma, and gravity (relative density compared to water, of the wort at various stages in the fermentation) of the drink. Consequently, it can generate a unique recipe. Then professional brewers produce beer according to the AI-developed recipe.

Furthermore, Carlsberg, in partnership with Microsoft, has launched the Beer Fingerprinting Project. The task of AI is to select and create new types of yeast for the production of beer, thereby increasing the speed of the process.

AI writer

A lot of people blame Joan Rowling for not being the real author of Harry Potter. All the doubts may disappear after reading even the small part of the AI-created version of Harry Potter by Botnik Studios, which is a machine entertainment company run by comedy writers. The company uses computers to remix texts. You can find some parts of the book here.

Anyways, it is confusing, and even the name of the book (Harry Potter and the portrait of what looked like a large pile of ash) sounds strange, not to mention all other parts of the story.

Who knows, maybe someday AI will be able to write novels as good as human beings, but as of today, it looks strange, to say the least.

Emotion recognition

This concept is not new, and some American stores have already used this technology in order to determine whether shoppers are happy. The system has faced accusations of privacy violations.

For example, The Emotion AI system developed by Affectiva is trained to identify key points on a human face, and then analyze the movement of these very points. That helps to determine the facial emotions of the subject’s face.

AI philosopher

The MIT engineer Alexander Reben has trained AI to generate random predictions, similar to fortune cookie predictions.

Alexander uses positive and cheering quotes from the network to teach the system. The result took the team and MIT-trained roboticist by surprise. Instead of a kind and cheering advice that can bring a smile to people’s faces, Reben’s technology turned dark and undeniably weird. Moreover, 75% of the generated phrases appeared to be gloomy and negative.

For example:

  • A friend is a wonderful invention, but, then again, so is a whole lie;
  • Being happy is not as serious as it appears;
  • Success is a powerful excuse;
  • No one is listening;

The engineer called this phenomenon “artificial philosophy”, and said: “These fortunes also have a beauty and humor that is all of their own, and there’s this inherent creativity to a lot of these algorithms, as well.”

AI toilet

Xiaomi does not cease to amaze users with gadgets for home use. After the release of toilet paper, the tech giant has decided to supplement its product range with a smart toilet seat.

The Tinymu is a smart multifunctional anti-bacteria toilet seat, which is endowed with a 3-grade adjustable system and Xiaomi XiaoAI voice assistant. What’s more, it is not only a simple toilet seat but also an electronic bidet.


The machine does not need human food, but it does not mean that culinary art cannot be mastered by it. A group of MIT students has decided to find out what kind of IT-cuisine can be created by AI, requesting support from the IBM Watson supercomputer, which is endowed with a QA (question answering) AI-based system. Having analyzed hundreds of pizza recipes, the “Know-It-All” device began to produce its own combinations of ingredients.

Some of the resulting combinations were, to put it mildly, unusual. For example, shrimp, sausage and jam, or blueberries, spinach, and feta cheese. The owner and chef of the Crush Pizza Pizzeria in Boston, Tony Naser, decided to cook some of the new recipes and present the results to the public. Surprisingly, it was pizza with shrimp, sausage, and jam that the focus group liked the most. Tony has even announced his intention to include this kind of pizza in the menu of his pizzeria.


Sigmund Freud believed that the world was ruled by a thirst for power, sex, and hunger. Artificial intelligence, in turn, is ruled by man (at least, as of today). Therefore, it is not surprising that technology has found application in the segment of carnal pleasures.

Realbotix is a pioneer in the creation of sex bots, and its creations are widely publicized. One of the flagship models of the brand is a robot named Harmony, which has not only the appearance of a sultry beauty, but also an artificial intelligence system.

This model is able to maintain dialogues (not over-complicated topics, of course), remember the owner’s hobbies, tell jokes, and even talk about her feelings. By the way, the robots are customizable. Harmony has 18 different personality types that can be changed through a special application. The robot may be more flexible or aggressive, and with certain parameters even vulnerable. In this case, the owner who offended his Harmony can be “blown off”.


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