A Guide To 5 Must-Read Fintech Books

The financial technology (Fintech) industry is considered the deployment of software, tools, applications, and technological innovations in financial activities. Fintech could also be well defined as a substitution of traditional financial activities such as banking transactions with software and applications


Experts opine that “Fintech is here to stay.” This statement is borne out of the fact that since its emergence in the 20th century, it has become one of the fastest-growing industries globally. The ease of usage, personal management of funds, elimination of operational or miscellaneous charges, and seamless operation have made financial technology the toast of all.

Since the fintech industry has a lower entry-level requirement, a lot of people, most especially tech enthusiasts, are trooping into the industry. It is therefore important that both existing and new entrants into the market should gain a robust understanding of the fast-merging industry.

5 Fintech Books You Should Read

We have conducted extensive research to come up with these must-read fintech books. These books contain the basics of internet/technology-based financial services and the adaptability to your financial activities. Alongside these books, you should consider getting expert advice or a Fintech consultancy service to ensure your idea works financially.

The Innovation Ultimatum: Six Strategic Technologies That Will Reshape Every Business In The 2020s By Steve Brown

This Innovation Ultimatum, written by Steve Brown, a household name in the financial services industry, is a former Chief Evangelist at Intel. The book contains a full guide and explanation of the technological innovations that will define the present and future of financial technology.

According to Steve’s book, companies must harness these six strategic technologies: artificial intelligence (AI), distributed ledgers, blockchain technology, 5G communication, the internet of things (IoT), and augmented & virtual reality are the drivers of the Fintech industry. These technological innovations and mechanisms are expected to bring significant impact and open new frontiers for businesses irrespective of their industry.

Steve Brown deployed the use of straightforward and jargon-free language (English) that could be easily understood by beginners and experts in the industry. The book provides a clear guide on how leaders can set up their ventures to assimilate the fast-wave of fintech.

The innovation ultimatum gives detailed insights into how every organization can embrace financial technology. These insights include how you can optimize your business operations, create values, and be dynamic in customer service delivery using technological tools.

Smarter Bank: Why Money Management Is More Important Than Money Movement To Banks And Credit Unions By Ron Shevlin

In Smarter Bank, Shevlin addressed a broad range of subjects mostly targeted at traditional financial institutions and their top executives. This book focuses on how leading traditional financial institutions are breaking into financial technology and the best ways to succeed.

Since the fintech industry is an ever-growing industry, the book highlights the latest technologies and how these banks can keep adjusting to the innovations in financial and technological services. Being an age-long marketing consultant and banking industry analyst, Shevlin understands the importance of big data, customer engagement, mobile banking, the financial behaviors of Millennials, and online payment services. He, therefore, dwells on its usage and the need for banking executives to integrate fintech into their operations to make them paramount.

Similarly, the book “Smarter Bank: Why Money Management Is More Important Than Money Movement To Banks And Credit Unions” explains how prominent financial institutions are deploying fintech products and services for improved customer service delivery and bottom-line profitability.

The World of Digital Payments: Practical Course By Pavlo Sidelov

Pavlo Sidelov, the chief technical officer of, public speaker, and recognized author, delved into the current payment tools and how financial institutions can integrate them into their services. For someone with over fifteen years of experience in the fintech industry, you should expect the best from him, and that is what the book seeks to offer.

The “World of Digital Payments” is an eye-opener, especially for beginners, on the informative and compelling guide to digital payments. In this book, there is a lengthy description of various payment instruments in place (today) and how to integrate them with traditional banking services.

This book guides entrepreneurs seeking the best strategy to monetize their businesses. It guides developers or tech enthusiasts in learning the nitty gritty of digital payments.

Bank 4.0: Banking Everywhere, Never At A Bank By Brett King

Brett King, a renowned author, futurist, and public speaker, highlights the conditions that necessitated the radical transformation in the 21st-century banking industry. Brett places special emphasis on Big tech and innovative financial technology being the major drivers of the change in the daily life of “bank consumers.”

The book opined that most financial institutions are now forced to adapt to the customer behaviors that keep evolving or eventually become irrelevant. So as a bank, you either integrate fintech into your operations or risk becoming irrelevant.

In Bank 4.0, Brett King explained in detail a well-researched outlook on the technological innovations and mechanisms that traditional financial institutions can deploy to transform their banking services. He said the bank’s future is regarded as “Bank 4.0.”

In this book, Bank 4.0 refers to the future of banking where these banks either embrace technological innovations, integrate into the technology ecosystem, or risk being irrelevant. According to Bank 4.0, an instant, universal, smart banking service, consumer behavior, and psychology will be combined with blockchain, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.

Brett King pours his personal experience and real-life knowledge into this book. For someone who launched the popular, an award-winning payment platform, this book gives first-hand details on how you can integrate digital payment and run it successfully.

The PAYTECH Book: The Payment Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and FinTech Visionaries By Susanne Chishti

Susanne Chishti focuses on the future of payments (PayTech) in this book. It is the first crowdsourced book in the global payment sector published by Wiley. A range of different authors contributed to the creation of the book, among which are Markos Zachariadis, Robert Courtneidge, Tony Craddock and Susanne Chishti.

Written by leaders in the global FinTech payment sectors, this book is a valuable source for investors, entrepreneurs and FinTech visionaries. The PAYTECH book explains the transformation of the payments industry, the need of better customer experience and offers answers for entrepreneurs, financial services professionals and investors from a diverse collection of experts.

The PAYTECH book belongs to the FINTECH book series, a collection of crowd-sourced books giving most relevant information about FinTech and presenting valuable resources for entrepreneurs, investors and many more.

The CEO of FINTECH circle, Susanne Chishti focuses on many different aspects of FinTech with her variation of books, allowing people from all over the world to learn more about this new and strong transformation of the payment sector that has the potential to open up the doors to many more incredible innovations.


There are estimations that the global Fintech sector will grow from $83.27 billion to about $100 billion by the end of 2022. Therefore, you need to be a part of this ever-growing sector.

One of the best ways to gain real-time knowledge about the Fintech sector is via books. Irrespective of your financial service needs or operations, you should ensure you lay your hands on these essential must-read fintech books. They each contain a guide to the essential must-read fintech books.

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