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Tesla unveiled a humanoid robot: what can it do?

Tesla AI Day 2022 has surprised the audience with a functioning humanoid robot 

Tesla robot

Source: Tesla

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk presented the first prototype of the Optimus robot at the Tesla AI Day 2022 event. This humanoid robot moved and waived without any support mechanisms, cranes or cables. Although the robot is still a work-in-progress, Musk believes the Optimus bot will eventually be more valuable than the company’s car business or self-driving technology.

The event also included a video presentation of the Tesla bot’s future capabilities. They include walking, lifting things, using tools, and performing simple manual operations like watering flowers. 

Furthermore, the robot will have a crossover with Tesla vehicles, in particular, their Autopilot strategy. The company’s robotic solutions are based on the proprietary technology developed for automated driving. Even some of the hardware and software components are similar. 

Besides, the Tesla bot is equipped with wireless connectivity as well as audio support and hardware-level security features. Those are important to protect both the robot and the people around it. The company estimates that the Optimus robot will cost under $20,000.


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