Academics Call for Web3 Education

Australian blockchain academics and educators urge more robust Web3 education in schools to prepare students for a world dominated by blockchain technology

Web3 Education

Academics Call for Web3 Education. Source: Depositphotos

Huxley Peckham, head trainer for Blockchain Academy International, told Cointelegraph that the blockchain industry lacked qualified talent while there are already 60 different industries using blockchain today. 

Along with the founder of the Academy, Peckham believes it is high time to rapidly expand blockchain education in schools. It would be critical in preparation for a shift in the world economy. 

Chris Berg, Co-Director of RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub agrees it is vital that students have an idea “on what does the economy look like, how the economy is changing” affected by cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. 

Besides, Leigh Travers, CEO of Binance Australia adds that it is imperative for students to access the same high-quality education in blockchain as traditional industries provide. For instance, Binance Australia introduced a “Binance Internship” that allows students to learn from the best Web3 and crypto professionals. Now, the exchange plans to form a partnership with Australian universities. They aim to establish a “blockchain master’s degree” to help young people get jobs in the future Metaverse economy. 

Furthermore, Blockchain Academy International has become the first blockchain education facility to provide government-issued student loans in Australia. Now, Australians may enrol in blockchain courses without upfront payments. They can take out a loan from the Australian government the same way as university students learning traditional subjects.


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