AI algorithm spots COVID-19 by sound of cough

It is a unique model that has been designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists


AI algorithm spots COVID-19 by sound of cough. Source:

An algorithm recently developed in the US has identified COVID-19 patients by the sound of a cough. With this test, those people had no other symptoms. However, regulatory approval would be required to develop this algorithm into apps. According to the researchers, the main problem is it is difficult to hear the cough sound from human ears when someone suffers from COVID-19, their sound changes, even having no symptoms.

Many other organizations, including Cambridge University, have been working on similar tasks. The report found that people who suffer from a combination of breath and cough sounds have 80% chances of positive coronavirus. This algorithm is based on artificial intelligence, and it listens to all the inaudible sounds, which are usually inaudible for the human being.

This algorithm correctly identifies more than 95% COVID-19 positive patients. It can be 100% when the patients have not any symptoms. A researcher got an 80 % success rate to identify the coronavirus patient by using this app after checking cough and breath sounds.

It is expected that very soon, the researcher would be able to build this algorithm into a free app, and it will launch in the market. The app will be a great source for the people who suffer from suspicious sounding coughs, but the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)  approval will be required first to launch this app.

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