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Amazon expands its anti-counterfeit program globally

This expansion makes the program available in 17 countries where Amazon has a store

Amazon Project Zero

Amazon expands its anti-counterfeit program globally. Source:

Amazon is expanding its Project Zero to 7 new countries – Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, and the UAE.

Project Zero uses 3 major components to protect and empower brands that have already enrolled in the project.

Firstly, Amazon’s automated protections scan over 5 billion attempted daily product listing updates globally to look for suspicious listings. These automated protections are machine learning-powered and are continuously fed new information.

Secondly, Project Zero offers a self-service tool thus providing the brands with an ability to directly remove listings from Amazon store.

Finally, product serialization is enabled by a unique code that brands apply within their manufacturing or packaging process. It allows Amazon to individually scan and confirm the authenticity of every purchase of a brand’s enrolled products from Amazon’s stores.

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