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American parents spending more than they expected amid lockdown

Most families are buying more computers and other items to be ready for school and college this year

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American parents spending more than they expected amid lockdown. Source:

NRF has found that 63% of US consumers expect at least some school and college classes will take place online this year. Among them, 76% plan to make purchases specifically because of online learning.

While the number planning to buy laptops is 37%, the number of buying accessories such as a mouse or flash drive is at 26%.

Consumers still face a great deal of uncertainty even as school begins to start and are further behind in their back-to-school spending than they have been in years. At this point, the majority of families expect to spend as much as they thought earlier this summer if not more, and it’s largely because of the need to spend more on electronics
Matthew Shay, NRF President and CEO 

The survey found 34% of American parents expect to spend more than they thought in July. Meanwhile, 54% said that’s because they plan to spend more on electronics and computer equipment.

At the same time, 47% said they are spending more on clothing and 59% said the higher spending would come in the form of school supplies such as pencils and notebooks.

The data showed that only 25% expect to spend less, while 42% expect to spend the same as they thought in July.

We’ve reported that 56% of parents are in debt due to the financial burden caused by the pandemic.


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