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Apple gained nearly $65B in revenue during Q4

Apple products including iPads, Mac, and Apple Watch saw strong revenue growth

Apple revenue

Apple gained nearly $65B in revenue during Q4. Source:

Apple gained $64.7 billion in revenue during Q4 earnings of 73% a share. International sales accounted for 59% of the quarter’s revenue.

However, services revenue increased from $12,51 billion to $14,55 billion from last year.

In this year alone, Apple has garnered $57.41 billion of net income in $274.5 billion in sales.

iPhone sales, however, declined to $26.44 billion in Q4. This is a decline from $33.36 billion last year. This fall was partly due to the wait for the iPhone 12 launch.

Meanwhile, Mac sales increased in Q4 to $9.03 billion up from $6.99 billion. In addition, the sales of iPads grew, with sales of $6.8 billion. This is a figure up from $4.66 billion a year ago.

As to the sales of wearables, they also surged from $6.52 billion to $7.88 billion.

We’ve reported that over 66 million new iPhone users have now activated Apple pay on their iPhone over the span of just the past year.


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