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Are cryptocurrencies effective against inflation

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We are all aware that the Bitcoin era has arrived. Technology are becoming more online, and currencies are becoming more digital as well. However, there is one significant distinction between real and digital currencies. That is, the currencies of the physical world have a considerably more solid value than these blockchain items. However, there has recently been talk that cryptocurrencies could be used to combat inflation. It’s possible that it’s true, but it’s also possible that it’s not. However, because it is a virtual currency and is inherently volatile, it may be more successful in combating inflation. So the sole purpose of this article is to determine whether cryptocurrencies are efficient in combating inflation. To know more about bitcoin trading you may check


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Bitcoin Beating Inflation

While we are seeing around 6% inflation in a year, bitcoin has risen to new heights. Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency to be introduced to the market. However, once it was launched, it had a cumulative increase of 1318 percent. That’s a lot more than the current pace of inflation. Even though people are thinking about and fretting about inflation, individuals who invested in bitcoin back in the day are now living stress-free lives. Perhaps some of them are making more money than the current bitcoin price by putting the money into better assets and enterprises.

When the value of bitcoin began to fall in 2018, however, this was not the case. Throughout the year, there were numerous frauds and fraud attempts. People were perplexed about cryptocurrency, which fraudsters took advantage of. Not only that, but there was also a two-and-a-half percent increase in inflation. People began to lose interest in cryptocurrency as a result of the situation. However, bitcoin continued to move in the opposite direction of what was happening. It was a time when bitcoin prices were low and inflation remained consistent. However, many people took advantage of the opportunity to buy bitcoins at the time, predicting a bright future.

Good Days

After the fear of 2018, it was a high moment for cryptocurrencies the following year as the panic began to subside. It was at this time that people began to re-believe in cryptocurrencies. Taxes were also being reduced. That’s when individuals began to invest in cryptocurrencies once more. Prices gradually increased to their previous levels. But only for a short time.

Prices began to decline gradually by the end of 2019 as word about covid spread, but it finally struck the market in March of 2020. However, as is customary, its prices began to rise again.

Even after all of this, Bitcoin never returned to where it began, and many trusted in it due of its volatility and low taxes. However, even after paying all taxes and fees, the price increased. As a result, a barrier against inflation was built.

Stability and Security

After having many ups and downs in its history its this modern day where the bitcoin have a stable value. The prices are approximately flat. That is, it is going and still growing with a stable graph. Here even if the rise in inflation is making people worry the bitcoin has succesfully achieved a place where it now can easily beat the inflation rate.


Let’s pretend that the current market inflation rate is around 10%. People are dealing with a variety of challenges in their daily lives, such as lifestyle inflation and a variety of other issues. Let’s imagine, at the same time, a cryptocurrency is flying high with a profit rate of 198 percent. We can see that inflation would take a long time to reach the cryptocurrency earnings. This is one of the reasons why many people believe that cryptocurrency can actually put a stop to inflation. However, there is a contradiction in the fact that there can only be 21 million bitcoins. After a specific amount of time has passed since all of the coins have been mined, bitcoin must approach a limit. Inflation may one day overtake bitcoin. What’s more, what if individuals lose interest and prices drop? These are some of the ideas that put cryptocurrency in front of inflation as a deterrent, but not as a full-proof solution.

So, while we continue to live in this Bitcoin era, it can be concluded that maybe not now but someday. Someday inflation might breal the barrier. But for now especially in the case of bitcoin, it is standing as a barrier in front of the inflation. So we can say that maybe its not the solution but cryptocurrencies might be effective against bitcoins.


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