ATM Industry will combat the drop in cash withdrawals: plan revealed

It consists of two parts: a Cash revival plan and an ATM revival plan

ATM & cash

ATM Industry will combat the drop in cash withdrawals: plan revealed. Source:

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has unveiled an ATM and Cash Revival Plan amid damaging impacts of the pandemic.

It aims to continue the cashless bans campaign to ensure mandatory acceptance of cash at retail outlets in the US, Europe, Canada, the UK & Australia.

Along with that, the Association plans to make the deposit of cash (notes and coins) at ATMs as accessible as possible.

It also wants to improve cash management and logistics thus reducing costs. The wider use of strong software is vital to reduce the cost impact of any future virus lockdown, the plan says.

The plan will also include a global protocol for ATM Hygiene & Safety that provides a series of recommended practices amid the pandemic. It wants to provide hand sanitizer at ATMs, the use of keypad overlays and sanitizing additives added to notes during manufacture.

We’ve reported that nearly half of Germans are currently using cards more often than cash. This shift is apparent in common for all age groups, but especially for middle-aged people.


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