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Australian court forces Google to pay $515,000 for defamation

Australian court forced Google to pay 715,000 Australian dollars ($515,000) for 2 offensive Youtube videos that took a toll on John Balinaro. 


Australian court forces Google to pay $515,000 for defamation. Source:

Associated Press has found that Google will pay $515,000 to an Australian former politician for two defamation videos on YouTube. The former deputy prime minister of New South Wales, John Barilaro was in the limelight because of these provocative videos. 

According to the lawyer Paul Svilans, this is the first case in the history of Google, when a lawsuit was filed against a trillion-dollar company. 

Mr. Barilaro decided to sue the comedian Jordan Shanks because these videos were insulting. According to the judge Steven Rares, John Barilaro was held up to ridicule, and statements on YouTube, a company owned by Google, were beyond the criticism.

Barilaro admitted that he felt extremely nervous listening to the court’s decision firsthand. “It was challenging to be in court and hear all these accusations over and over again. You have to be either courageous to the bone or extremely stupid to sue Google,” stated the victim. 

The victim himself was not against giving up his accusations in court if Google would meet him halfway and remove all those offensive videos that were uploaded in the fall of 2020.

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