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Best of the week: expanded federal child tax credit, stablecoin vs fiat, top 10 Italian banks

We’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles over the last week.

Stablecoin vs fiat currencies

If you’re looking for some stability in the tumultuous financial world, both fiat currencies and stablecoins can provide that. They have many similarities but many differences too. What type of currency is better for your long-term savings and short-term investments? How can you leverage those “stable” assets?

Canadians can now use an NFC-embedded food containers

Customers in Canada can now use NFC-embedded food containers. This comes as eight food joints in Waterloo offer recyclable and reusable food containers which are also NFC embedded.

Top 10 Italian banks

Italy is the country where traditional banking services are still much more popular than the digital experience. Although 96% of all adult citizens own a bank account, their use of financial services differs greatly from the majority of Europe.

Mastercard will no longer issue new cards in South Asia

Mastercard will no longer issue new credit, debit or prepaid cards in South Asia. The ban comes as the financial service provider fails to comply with local data storage regulations.

How to post items for sale in Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace helps sellers to reach thousands of people in their local community. It’s already available in 50+ countries and keeps expanding. In the process of scaling, new useful functions like shipping and checkout have appeared in selected locations.

Adyen teamed up with Slice to enhance POS payment solutions

Adyen has partnered with Slice, the tech platform powering America’s independent pizzerias, to enhance Slice’s payment processing experience.

¿Qué es el número BIN en una tarjeta de crédito?

Desde sus duros comienzos en el siglo XX hemos visto cómo han evolucionado las tarjetas de crédito a lo que son hoy en día, sin embargo, al principio no existía tanta variedad, ni tampoco eran del todo accesibles para el público general. Hay que recalcar que la primera tarjeta de crédito en toda regla nace en 1949 y fue creada por Frank McNamara, después de pedirle a su mujer que le llevara dinero para pagar la cena en un restaurante.

Discord acquires company to curb online harassment

Discord has acquired Sentropy, a company that specializes in monitoring online spaces for harassment and abuse. The company provides users with an avenue to filter messages they do not want to see and also block problematic persons. The firm’s initial project, Sentropy Protect, aims on helping people regulate their Twitter feeds.

7 things you need to know about expanded federal child tax credit

Although the US government didn’t officially announce the distribution of a fourth stimulus batch, for some taxpayers more aid payments are still to come. It’s possible due to the federal child tax credit that was expanded this year.

You can now limit who can reply to your old tweets

Twitter introduced a feature that allows users to have more control over replies to old tweets. The company looks to offer users a better experience via the feature.

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