Blockstream Jade Hardware Wallet Gets Updated

Jade wallet from Blockstream is now compatible with most of the popular wallet apps and platforms, with the newly-released features of camera activation and QR code support

Blockstream Jade

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With the new update released, Blockstream Jade can communicate with any compatible companion app using QR codes, instead of USB or Bluetooth – enabling fully air-gapped transactions.

The new feature allows storing crypto in Jade without downloading undesired extra apps, sticking to the QR-code-compatible ones a wallet owner prefers or already uses. Connection is enabled by cameras and displays on both Jade and companion device used to scan and show QR codes. Besides, QR scan can be used for unlocking the hardware wallet instead of entering PIN code.

As for the transaction convenience, customers can now use the Scan function on Jade to verify their receive addresses, as well as create transactions and sign them.

QR Scan is supported by several wallet platforms on both mobile and desktop. The company advises using a companion device with a large screen and a high quality camera. Thatwill lead to the best scanning experience.

In addition, the device has received a new firmware portal. Before that, the ways to update Jade were with Blockstream Green software wallet or via command-line scripts, which require more technical knowledge. From now on, all Jade users can upgrade easily and safely, no matter what wallet app they prefer.

Blockstream Jade is a hardware wallet that stores the recovery phrase and private keys for Bitcoin and/or Liquid wallets. This self-custody tool is aimed at long-term cold storage for larger crypto sums.

Jade device has a watch-only mode to receive funds to a Blockstream Green wallet without Jade present. Users can also add a passphrase to create a “duress” wallet.

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