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Brazil launches its first all-female bank

Sao Paulo-based bank named after the Portuguese word for “they”


Brazil launches its first all-female bank. Source:

Elas, Brazilian neobank, has announced its launch due to the need for meeting demands only women are aware of.

Despite it has been officially founded in January 2020, its page is currently holding a waitlist for a sign up until it announces the rollout date.

The women-only bank revealed it aims to promote women in the business sphere, offering them more financial inclusion.

Its creator, Dr. Vanise Zimmer, is an academic who has been publishing researches on gender in the digital sphere and behavioral psychology in tech for the last 20 years. She highlighted that women have their own needs regardless of their professional categories. This way, the bank will provide them with unique solutions.

According to the data, Brazil’s gender gap is somewhat above the global average since 2018. That’s why providing women with financial inclusion could help them obtain equal economic control in other life spheres such as health, education, and career.


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