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Brits plan to spend over £9B on high street shopping: American Express

Shoppers are hitting their local high street to treat themselves with meals or some new items for their wardrobe

high street shopping

Brits plan to spend over £9B on high street shopping: American Express. Source:

The research reveals that Brits are planning to spend an average of £195 each on the high street on post-lockdown treats, equating to £9.3 billion.

As to the top treats, people will be spending their money on restaurant meals, new clothes, followed by drinks at the pub:

  1. A meal at a restaurant – £31
  2. New clothes/accessories – £25
  3. Drinks at a pub or bar – £21
  4. Home decorations or furniture – £19
  5. Electronics and gadgets – £15
  6. Coffee/refreshments at a cafe – £13
  7. Theatre – £13
  8. Beauty treatments or haircuts – £12
  9. Cosmetics/perfume – £11
  10. Cinema tickets – £11
  11. Books – £10
  12. Flowers – £8
  13. Dry cleaning – £6

Besides, UK customers have experienced a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) during the lockdown.

In fact, 49% of UK adults said they longed to go out for professionally cooked meals while 36% admitted to missing trips to the hairdresser and regular hair treatments.

At the same time, 33% and 24% of the respondents missed going to the pub and to the cinema, while 18% skipped browsing in bookshops, respectively.

Lockdown gave us the opportunity to think about how we spend and what we buy. Now is a really good time to take stock of your spending habits and think about how you could spend more wisely by taking advantage of offers, discounts, and benefits. And there’s no better way to show some love to our much-missed independent retailers by popping into their store and seeing what’s new
Steph McGovern, journalist and television presenter

We’ve reported that women living in couples with a male partner are almost twice as likely as men to take charge of household budgeting, with 37% and 22%, respectively.


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