Canadians can now use an NFC-embedded food containers

The NFC tags allow the customers to track the reuse cycle of the food containers


Canadians can now use an NFC-embedded food containers. Source:

Customers in Canada can now use NFC-embedded food containers. This comes as eight food joints in Waterloo offer recyclable and reusable food containers which are also NFC embedded.

Once done, customers can scan the NFC tag at a dropbox reader. When scanned, Ekko, the company that supplies the containers, is then informed that they are ready for collection. Once collected, the containers can be recycled or reused.

The NFC tags enable the restaurants to track the containers from the time a customer leaves the establishment to the point they are returned. They can also be tracked at the sanitation station.

The eight eateries that offer the reusable containers include Ambrosia Corner Bakery, Gayuma, S&V Uptown, Wooden Boat Food Company, Abe Erb Waterloo, Clementine Catering, Queen of Hearts Tea House and Underground Flavour Group.

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