Coinbase Lobbies Crypto With “Moving America Forward” Campaign

The Coinbase national ad campaign in the US focuses on the critical role crypto might play in modernizing the global financial system

Coinbase Lobbies Crypto With “Moving America Forward” Campaign


In a May 22 blog post, the US-based crypto exchange Coinbase described its plan for the new “Moving America Forward” campaign, which will include a series of four different advertisements emphasizing crypto-enabled financial innovations and raising awareness for Coinbase activities.

The ads featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong will predominantly air during “popular Sunday shows” on national TV, partly appearing during ad breaks of the NBA Finals series.

These video clips will bear an educational character, explaining how crypto as an underlying technology for the future innovative global financial system will “move America forward” as a leading economy with greater economic freedom.

Besides domestic application cases, the campaign will also cover the international adoption of crypto and blockchain in other leading global economies like China. Namely, the firm aims to stress that the U.S. “global economic leadership and national security are at risk if the U.S. cedes its role in building technology that will be central to the world’s financial infrastructure.”

The ads titled ‘The History of Money Initiative’, ‘Stand With Crypto Day’, ‘Real People Using Crypto for Real Needs’, and ‘The State of Crypto Summit’, will premiere one-by-one over the course of four weeks.

As for the specifics of the ad content, the first one will naturally dwell upon the interesting facts about money and currencies from different historic periods. The next one has a promotional character, advertising an upcoming lobbying-focused event hosted by Coinbase that will feature crypto community members advocating for “crypto-friendly policies” before Congress.

The ‘Real People’ ad is a description of various real-life examples of crypto use. Finally, the last announced campaign part promotes another Coinbase event to be held in New York City on June 22.

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