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Consumers are getting back to restaurants with phones in their hands

The survey polled 511 US residents and an additional 1,533 consumers in Australia, the UK, and Mexico

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Consumers are getting back to restaurants with phones in their hands. Source:

According to Oracle Food and Beverage survey, 73% of respondents plan to reduce their use of cash, while 49% want to reserve their table, order, and pay through a mobile device.

When it comes to ordering out, 81% of people indicated their loyalty lies with restaurants over third-party delivery apps. At the same time, 68% prefer to order directly from a restaurant’s own website or app if given a choice.

After a year of take-out, consumers are looking forward to going out to eat, and restaurants are certainly eager for them to return. The challenge will be balancing the steep increase in on-premises dining with continued demand for take-out service. Being able to adapt quickly to the changing needs in staffing, kitchen operations, and inventory for this hybrid environment requires technology that will cultivate this great guest experience
Simon de Montfort Walker, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Food and Beverage

The survey shows that the behaviors that became a necessity during the pandemic will be the norm moving forward.

In fact, 46% of the respondents want to settle the bill on a mobile app without waiting for a server. At the same time, 39% prefer to order ahead on their device to reduce wait times.

For 37% of customers, it would be more convenient to track the status of their order through a mobile app.

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