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Consumers have their shopping early this year: NRF

Retailers have also taken moves to meet the demand of the consumers

holiday consumers shopping

Consumers have their shopping early this year: NRF. Source:

According to NRF, 59% of holiday consumers had already started shopping. This is a 21% increase compared to a decade ago. So far, holiday shoppers have only completed 26% of their shopping.

Retailers have invested heavily in the safety and health of the consumers. 70% of consumers say that they feel safe with the COVID-19 precautions taken by retailers.

To encourage consumers to shop early and be safe, NRF has launched New Holiday Traditions. This is a campaign to educate consumers. Since October, retailers have been stocking up with holiday inventories and promotions.

As a result, 69% of shoppers can find the items they are looking for. 84% are also certain they will receive holiday items ordered online in time for the holidays.

Among the most popular gift categories include clothing, accessories, gift cards, toys, books, and food, specifically candy. Consumers are likely to spend $163 on three to four gift cards, with expected spending on gift cards projected at $27.5 billion.

During the holiday season, credit cards take the top form of payment followed by debit cards. A few shoppers are likely to use cash due to the pandemic.

We’ve reported that Klarna announced the rollout of a new iOS drop widget that will enable shoppers to get the perfect gift for persons on their wish lists.


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