Crypto trading is now available for people with color blindness 

This step is one of many Bitfinex attempts to push its business to mass adoption


Crypto trading is now available for people with color blindness. Source:

Bitfinex is the first major crypto exchange to enable colorblind people to use its platform, according to their new blog article.

Red and green are the most common colors used in crypto trade, each representing a “sell” and a “buy” trades respectively. Yet, people with color blindness cannot tell the two apart, leading to costly errors in the short run and depression in the long run. This also serves as a serious entry barrier for those who wish to practice crypto trading for their first time.

That’s why Bitfinex has released a new visual theme for colorblind crypto traders, replacing the red color with yellow and the green color with blue. The new accessibility feature will allow the mentioned traders to distinguish all color elements of the crypto platform.


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