Cyberattacks on healthcare system are on the rise: reasons & solutions

Healthcare organizations need to enhance their cybersecurity measures


Cyberattacks on healthcare system are on the rise: reasons & solutions. Source:

GlobalData found that the number of cyberattacks on healthcare systems will be rising since the hospitals are shifting to digitalization and remote patient care.

Since the emergence of electronic health records, hospitals have been labeled as an attractive target for cyberattacks due to the interconnectedness of hospital operations, multi-institutional data sharing, the lack of appropriate safety measures, and outdated information technology infrastructure. Hackers will continue to target vulnerable systems as long as there are profits to be made: from selling the stolen patient’s data to holding the healthcare systems hostage until the criminals’ demands are me
Urte Jakimaviciute, MSc, Senior Director of Market Research at GlobalData

According to information, a recent cyberattack at the University Hospital of Brno led to the shutdown of its entire IT network. The incident was serious enough to cause delays in surgical procedures and require staff to relocate some critical patients to other hospitals.

The report highlights that hackers are able to quickly identify which hospitals face the biggest pressure or without sustainable plans to deal with such attacks. It also reveals that healthcare organizations are currently devoting just a small fraction of their budgets to implement cybersecurity measures.

As to the future forecast, cyberattacks will be rising and evolving together with technology development even when the pandemic ends.

We’ve reported that the global healthcare sector has faced the range of cyberattacks as it deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the report, cyberattacks cover Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and laboratory information systems (LIS). What is more, they affect policy and procedure management systems (PPM), personal health records (PHR), and radiology information systems (RIS).



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