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Danish retailer allows product deliveries if shoppers absent from home

Nemlig provides its customers with a new flexible delivery option


Danish supermarket allows product deliveries when shoppers absent from home. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, Nemlig has presented a delivery method where customers no longer need to be at home. Earlier after its launch, the company only offered the delivery method, which meant that customers needed to be at home.

When a customer was absent, the delivery driver tried to call at the number provided when ordering and if he or she fails to get in touch, the driver would return the goods to Nemlig.

From now on, customers don’t need to be at home, however, the driver must have free access to place the goods wherever the customer wants. The main requirement is that this place must be reachable by trolley and within a reasonable distance from where the driver has parked the van.

The company highlights that all refrigerated and frozen products are packed in special thermo boxes to keep them fresh.

Nemlig announced it will be able to deliver to over 4 out of 5 households in Denmark.

We’ve reported that UK supermarket chain Asda rolled out a new online platform where it sells food boxes, thus reaching out to vulnerable shoppers.


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