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Driverless taxi service is now available in California

Despite all the forthcoming safety concerns, permission was issued.

California regulators have given the go-ahead for a robotic cab service. Source:

Cruise got a permission from the California Public Utilities Commission to launch driverless rides for passengers in the Bay Area.

The robotic cab service will be staffed with thirty cars to start with, which will be engaged in transporting passengers in busy areas from 10 pm until 6 am. This a predetermined set to minimize all possible consequences related to injuries, damage, or even death. 

At first, regulators were concerned that the taxis wouldn’t be able to pick up and drop off passengers at the curb because it would require double-parking in the traffic lane. But they gave the permission anyway. 

Waymo, another robotic cab service, is also already in full operation and is transporting passengers in San Francisco with its electric cars. But the major difference is that Waymo will have a certified backseat driver if any issues arise. Hence, he can go behind the wheel and be in control of the situation if something is out of order.

We’ve reported that Geely successfully launched first low-orbit satellites for autonomous cars.



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