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E-commerce in Poland reached all-time record

The share of online sales will continue to increase, but not as fast as last year

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E-commerce in Poland reached all-time record. Source:

Ecommerce News reveals that the number of online purchases reached an all-time record in Poland last year. This has to do with the lockdowns due to COVID-19, but still, Poland was one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Europe.

According to data, online spending reached €10 billion on the main product categories, clothing, consumer electronics, furniture, food, and toys. That’s an increase of about 25% compared to the situation of e-commerce in Poland in 2019.

Last year, about 11,000 new e-commerce websites and online stores were launched in Poland. Currently, nearly 80% of internet users in Poland make online purchases. Ecommerce in Poland mainly consists of small and medium-sized companies. Their sales are estimated at 100 billion złoty, which corresponds to nearly €22 billion.

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