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eBay launched a Regulatory Portal tool

This is in addition to eBay’s own extensive reporting system

eBay portal

eBay launched a Regulatory Portal tool. Source:

eBay has announced the successful pilot of its Regulatory Portal. The online portal allows participating authorities to flag and take down a listing, outside of the existing consumer-reporting facility on site.

This facility is in addition to eBay’s own extensive reporting system and proactive efforts to remove prohibited items and enforce its existing policies.

According to the press release, the platform has entered its beta phase with the US Postal Inspection Service, Westminster City Council Trading Standards, Bundesnetzagentur, Health Products Regulation Group, and over 50 other authorities worldwide.

eBay is inviting selected trusted authorities globally to join the taskforce, as part of the essential cooperation needed between governments, authorities, and online marketplaces to ensure consumers can stay safe shopping online.

Now the marketplace gives selected trusted authorities the ability to take down any listings from the marketplace themselves, where they have evidence of a risk to consumer safety, without needing approval from eBay.

Eliminating the need for a second level of approval streamlines the process, making product removal more efficient and reducing the risk of harmful products being purchased.

Further functionalities, including the ability to communicate with buyers and sellers through the platform, are to be developed over the coming months.

This is an exciting step forward for eBay, globally. We are immensely proud of our longstanding and trusted relationship with many Governments, authorities, and NGOs around the world, and this year we are taking the cooperation further, to up the ante with our consumer protection measures. There are many challenges which come with policing a marketplace, and while this has always been a priority for us, teamwork between the government, authorities, and marketplaces is needed to ensure consumers can stay safe shopping online
Wolfgang Weber, eBay’s Global Head of Regulatory

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