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European researcher designed a tool to reduce returns

Shavatar is expected to reduce returns in the online fashion industry


European researcher designed a tool to reduce returns. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, the University of Antwerp and research institute Imec have developed Shavatar, a 3D avatar tool that enables consumers to create their own avatars based on a few parameters. The tool then suggests the right size and fit of any given fashion item.

It was conceived by Femke Danckaers during her Ph.D. research at Imec’s research group Vision Lab. She developed a model that predicts and visualizes the human body shape in 3D, based on just height, weight, cup size, and bust/waist/hip measurements.

There’s an average margin of error of just 7 millimeters compared to the person’s actual body shapernrn
Femke Danckaers, researcher

The survey has found that among 200 people, 73% of consumers who want to buy clothing online ultimately decide not to place an order as they’re not sure it’s the right size.

For now, Shavatar allows consumers to create their own avatar at their homes. Later, Shavatar will be integrated into the online shops of various clothing brands.

We’ve reported that 66.8% of UK consumers between 16 and 24 years old are ready to visit non-essential stores once lockdown restrictions are lifted.


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