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How to create a bitcoin wallet?

There are a lot of Bitcoin Wallets, but we chose the reliable and well-secured Blockchain Wallet

How to create a bitcoin wallet

How to create a bitcoin wallet

This securely protected wallet allows you to transfer tokens using a browser as well as a mobile app. You will need at least 10 minutes to create this wallet as it will take some time to set up all of the security levels.

How to create a bitcoin wallet using your browser?

How to create a bitcoin wallet

Go to and click «Get a free Wallet» in the upper right-hand corner.

What you see is the “Create your Wallet” page. Since Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, it is enough to input only your e-mail and a secure password.

Welcome! Thank you for joining millions of Blockchain wallet users. Now it is time to set up your wallet.

How to secure your wallet?

How to create a bitcoin wallet


Click «Security Center». Complete all the security levels until the image on your screen looks like the screenshot below.

LEVEL 1: Prevent losing access to your funds

Now it is time to verify the Email ID you have associated with your blockchain wallet. Check your email – has just sent you a message.

Now login to your wallet account using your Wallet Identifier copied from your Email along with your password.

It is easy to lose or forget your password, so the next step will help you to recover the account, even if you have forgotten your password. Click on “Backup Phrase”, it will require your account password. After entering the password press “next”. You will see the first four words of your backup phrase.

There are 12-word phrases to write down. It is better to make a copy and keep it safe. Click “final step” right after you have written all of the 12 words. The third step is to create a password hint. Complete all the steps to finish the Level 1 security process.

LEVEL 2: Prevent unauthorized access to your wallet

Link a mobile number to your wallet account and enable a 2-step authentication factor.

LEVEL 3: Extended privacy settings

Activate the service which blocks IPs that are suspected to be a part of an anonymous TOR network.

How to send and receive Bitcoin?

How to create a bitcoin wallet

Now your wallet is well-secured. It is time to send and receive funds.

If you wish to send tokens, you should access your wallet and click the «Send» option. Then fill in the popup menu with the correct information. Choose the currency, amount, and address to which you are going to send cryptocurrency. There is one more useful feature below – Description. It helps you track your transactions.

If you are receiving tokens choose the «Request» option. When someone wishes to send you Bitcoins, it will be enough for him to know the number of your wallet.

If you need to access your wallet using your smartphone download the Bitcoin Wallet app and synchronize it with the browser version (using QR code).

This wallet is simple and easy to use, and we hope we have helped you to open your own Bitcoin Wallet.


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