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First child-friendly crypto piggy bank unveiled

The recent development will aid kids in managing their digital currencies as well as learning

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First child-friendly crypto piggy bank unveiled. Source:

Strive has introduced a digital piggy bank integrated with crypto wallets that is child-friendly.

According to information, a piggy bank mining edition is also set to be introduced by the company. This will form part of Strive’s learning approach. The mining edition is developed to mine different digital currencies such as Bitcoin.


The app developed by the company as well as the hardware combo will show the balance of the digital currencies on the child’s piggy bank. Parents will also use the app to organize payments as well as observe the digital transactions carried out by the child.

Besides, the app offers maximum protection of users’ data with 256k encryption.

Everyone can now pre-order Penny the Pigs for $149 at the website.

PaySpace Magazine considers financial literacy for kids as a perspective opportunity for every child to learn how to manage their finances at an early age.  This way, they will realize not only the value of money but also understand the concept of being responsible for their earnings. Meanwhile, you can learn how to engage Millennials into banking.

We’ve reported that over ¾ of Millennials were mad at their partner over money.


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