Germany’s digital bank brings cashless payments for freelancers

Collaboration between N26 and SumUp will allow business owners to provide customers with easy access to digital payments


Germany’s digital bank brings cashless payments for freelancers. Source:

N26 has teamed up with SumUp, a digital payment company to introduce cashless payment options for freelancers.

This way, entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed people worldwide will have an opportunity to digitize their businesses by offering their clients a cashless payment method.

Along with that, N26 Business customers can now get their own SumUp Air (POS) terminal for a reduced price.

To make a transaction, a business owner needs to enter the customer’s total amount to be paid into the SumUp app on a smartphone or tablet. Then, they will need to connect their device to a SumUp Air.

Afterward, a customer taps or slides their card into the terminal and waits for their payment to be approved. Once the receipt is printed or sent via email, the money will show up in a bank account automatically within 2 to 3 business days.

We’ve reported that N26 introduced the CASH26 feature in Greece.


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