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FIS introduced A2A real-time payments platform

The new platform is available in the US and will be followed by the UK and Europe

FIS RealNet

FIS introduced A2A real-time payments platform. Source:

FIS has announced RealNet, a new cloud-based SaaS platform that will enable account-to-account (A2A) transactions for businesses, consumers, and governments over real-time payment networks.

The FIS RealNet platform is expected to make it easier for organizations to send, receive and accept payments, whether they are engaging with a consumer or business, or with their own employees.

The platform functions as a “network of networks,” utilizing a full range of existing domestic and cross-border payment rails to simplify and speed up the processing, clearing, and settlement of payments.

Not only will the RealNet platform speed up payments by helping to enable real-time money movement, but it will also do so in a way that is seamless, reliable and secure for organizations around the globe. Our vision for RealNet is to help power a real-time economy, regardless of industry, whether business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business, government-to-consumer or anything in-between. We are confident this new platform will be a great advantage to the organizations that use it
Raja Gopalakrishnan, Global Head of Real-Time Payments at FIS

As a cloud-based, SaaS platform, RealNet will utilize APIs to integrate with other FIS core banking and payments solutions.

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